How Addicting Love Can Be

February 27, 2010
Babii you were my everything why'd you have to go?/I'm tired of the back an forth babii I still love you so/All I can sit and do at night/is cry and debate whether I want you to hold me tight/This funny thing called love has taken over/But why should it when you're so much older/It's likepicking a flower's pedals saying he loves me he loves me not/I do and don't want all the love you've got/Do you see what you're doing to just me?/If you can't accept this then set me free!/Babii should I ust move on?/Are my feelings for you suppose be gone?/Please stay or leave make up your mind/I'm tried of you being so kind/Be real with me/That's all I ever wanted don't you see?!?!

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