security blanket

June 12, 2010
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This apathy, this depression,
wraps itself around my body.
It's like a security blanket...
I'm afraid to let it go,
it's here to stay.. Will I ever grow out of it?

I feel myself smile, and allow that dreaded happiness,
to take that blanket of despair off of me.
But, it's not long before I realize it's gonen,
and go back to that place I hate,
just because i would rather hurt myself, before anyone else can.

As the blanket gets tighter, I become weaker,
and reach for the one think I believe can save me,
in reality, it's what's going to kill me,
I fear death, and I fear pain..
So why do it?
To protect myself?
To keep people from getting close?

I may never know.
But YOU should know that you can't save me..

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