Uncontrollable Love

June 12, 2010
By Godzillaxx SILVER, Lafayette, Louisiana
Godzillaxx SILVER, Lafayette, Louisiana
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I can’t see the difference
But others can
Others that have blinded themselves by hate
others that can’t let go of the past
others that won recognize God’s beauty
unless it looks like them

This war is white and black
color or Colorless
One side or the other
This war has the world in chains
this war leads to our destruction
This war holds people like me captive

People like me-
who refuse to be so blind
who look beyond
what some people

This war won’t let me
hold someone’s hand
without brutal accusations
I can’t love
without being

and the things I would
keep secret
just to hold your hand
would suffocate me to no end

charcoal on white paper
is lovely
why aren’t we?

Everyone wants
chocolate milk
but why
can’t I want him?

I hope you wouldn’t
mind the
but we might just be
Romeo and Juliet

Capulets and Montegues
Do you even remember
this feud started?

Lady and Lord Capulet,
do you ever realize
how you strangle
How you strangle your Juliet

Lady and Lord Montegue,
Do you not
see you are no
better than the people
who forsake you?

Will it have to end the same?
Will our death, and the death
of all the other star-crossed lovers,
all the Romeo’s,
all the Juliet’s,
Be the only thing
in this world to unite you,
for Good?

Why can you
accept it?
why can’t you colored and colorless hearts
why can’t you see the beauty
of this uncontrollable love?

The author's comments:
This was inspired by how much some people are against interracial dating...especially PARENTS. There is a little Romeo and Juliet reference in there

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