You are The Moon

June 12, 2010
By Godzillaxx SILVER, Lafayette, Louisiana
Godzillaxx SILVER, Lafayette, Louisiana
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I lay on my Pillow
as warm tears
wash away my makes up
and I drift away into sleep
to escape this nightmare.

My eyes barley open
to find the moons bright
rays flooding my room
illuminating the darkness

I walk outside
on the cold, no longer warm
ground. And I stare at you
You are the moon

You are the Moon-
you light the way
for people like me
people who can never escape
there darkness

You light up the darkness
you bring light to the
Symbol of death, of evil,
of sadness
You bring us light

People never notice you
For they sleep when
you wake up
They never know your beauty
They never notice how you change
how you grow and shrink
They never notice when you aren’t there
they will never know
But I will.

Are you Jealous of the sun?
Everyone notices it.
people wake early to watch
it take away your Beauty.
They notice it’s change
They would notice if it wasn’t there
aren’t you jealous?

Do you ever think you’re not
Good enough?
That you’ll never be perfect
no matter how hard you try?

That you’re never bright enough
or round enough?
Are you that blind?
Why won’t you see the Beauty
you hold?

You are the moon.
I know your pain
more than anything
I know your Beauty

I think you know me
You understand why I cry
When your beauty floods
my room
You hear my Silent screams

I am Myself
You are the moon
You understand my pain
But do I have Beauty?

Do you tell the stars
about me?
Am I as blind as you?
I hope so…

You are the moon
I’ll wake tomorrow In
but when I open my window…

When I open my window
I will see a
beautiful Light
You are the moon.

The author's comments:
This is a poem inspired by a song also called "You are The moon" by The Hush Sound.

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