I Love You For Saving Me

June 12, 2010
He is not the Devil
Though they treat him as one
He lives day to day
But his life isn’t done
He still has his fans
He seems like he’s royal
At least to them
And then there is me
You could call me a fan
But I love him so much
It’s all I can
I love him.
Yes it’s true
But I have nothing else to do
I mean!
He’s saved my life
I could be dead right now if it weren’t for him
I could’ve cut myself up so bad that I bled to death
Right there on the floor
But his voice came on the radio
“Don’t you cry tonight.
I still love you baby”
And it hit me.
Someone gets me
He gets me
I didn’t think there was anyone
But there he was
And suddenly
I was a moth
to his fire red hair
I can’t thank him anymore
He knows how much I care
How much I love him
And I don’t think I could love him
Much more

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