adam and eve

June 11, 2010
By bodhisattva BRONZE, Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey
bodhisattva BRONZE, Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey
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“Adam and Eve”

All our discord
Grows on the branches of your apple tree
Fate has a twisted sense of humor
If this is how our passion plays
Angels clipped our wings
And devils singed our flesh
But the skins on our apples
However bitter
They’re still the ones that taste the best.
I, know all that you need
But I’m not all that you want
What you want is in her secret garden
But to play there is a sin dear
You, got all that I need
But you’re not all that I am
What I am is hanging
From the tree that that snake’s wrapped around
Poison shoots like an arrow
Through our apples
As my sense of dignity
Grapples for some sanity
Our needs, they don’t outweigh the consequence
Our beating hearts
Begin to freeze in self defense
Get down on your knees
And beg for us please
We need some honey bees
To pollinate the flowers under which our corpses lie
The apples that hang from our tree of discord
Are rotting as the roots are twisting
Getting gnarled like hands blistering
The snake bite may fade
But the poison won’t die
We held hands through this Eden
And we lived a lie.

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