Those Nights

June 11, 2010
By DurrettV13 SILVER, Londonderry, New Hampshire
DurrettV13 SILVER, Londonderry, New Hampshire
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Every one of us has had one of those nights,
and you know what night i'm talking about:
those nights when you're crazy with your friends,
when you're outside and you are all quiet for a short time.
the moments like that when you are looking up at the sky
and you think: 'why can't this all just stay the same?'

after that moment though, you start to remember,
this really might not last.
a friend today, could be nobody tomorrow, figuratively speaking.

but you can tell when they are the type of friend that will never leave you:
they don't do things that make you upset, at least in a serious way.
they love that you're there, even if they don't show it.
they love that you don't care if they mess up on something...really bad.
but most of all, they love who you are,
and they don't want to change you,
no matter what you do or say.

sure, they might say 'why do you do that?',
but that's just them, and you know that, if you just stop and think.
they tell you you're wierd and insane on a regular basis,
but that doesn't mean they want you to change;
it's just another way of saying 'and that's why you're my friend.'

i was talking with some of my 'true friends' the other day,
and we figured this out:
'good friends will bail you out of jail.
great friends will come and laugh at you.
but awesome, or true friends will be sitting in the sell next to you,
saying 'that was fun!'

do not take this literally,
thought that would work to.
it really just means that they'll stick by you.
they won't struggle to get out of your life,
just further into it. :)
they may be a constant thorn in the side for a while,
but *trust me*,
that's just their way of saying 'i'm weird, you're weird, let's be friends.'

you have everything in common.
you're completely different.
you love each other,
yet one of you always tends to annoy the hell out of the other.
you won't leave each other,
no matter what the price.
you would give up your life to save theirs.

be honored if you have a friend like that,
because they are a sometimes a hard thing to find.
but once you do find a true friend,
you won't even have to hold on,
faith will do that for you.
trust them,
care for them.
cry every minute with them,
laugh every minute with them.

laugh to those nights,
the nights when your sitting with your true friends under the stars,
just sitting their,
thinking 'why can't this all just stay the same?'

The author's comments:
songs and 'epic adventures' with friends inspires most of my poems.

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