The last fall

June 11, 2010
My mind will wander,
never falling free of these chains.
A heart will break,
but noone is to blame.
I cry a river ever flowing,
to the sea of my sorrow.
I climb a moutain,
never breaking the snow.
Your winds will change,
but cry not for your love lost in the dark,
sing for the freedom you found in the light.
You free fall down this cliff,
but do you see what is before you?
So my love do you understand yet,
what i am trying to tell you?
Do you see the light of my love,
and the freedom i carry in my arms?
Or the sorrow that sits upon my shoulders,
that will never go away?
My love the only light in my eyes,
why do you sit there and cry?
Why do you show sorrow in the sweet sunshine?
Why do you weep for all that has gone by?
Do you understand yet,
what i am trying to tell you?
If you need a shoulder on which to cry,
call my name across the sea,
across all that is between you and me.
I will never say what is my name,
but i will be called on again and again.
So my love never doubt my sweet embrace,
fall into what will be your final fate.

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Lovebug07 said...
Jul. 22, 2010 at 5:23 pm
This is really good... I love the feeling that is in it. Fantastic job!!! :) KEEP IT UP
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