my cinderella

June 11, 2010
come my love my prince
show me how u care
how you use to love my hair
sitting in the garden
on this bench
thinking of the only one
my true love

sit next to me
as u can see
i sit alone
for its only me

looking around i see you there
with that girl and her black hair
her glasses glisen in the moonlight
you grab her hand
and a long lost stare

my prince has seen me
sitting on this brown bench alone
he's seen my frown
he's seen my eyes
my tears
how they run down my face
in fear

i get up and make my way to the exit
carrying a crown
waiting for my love my prince
to come carry me away
so i can watch that demon stare
and wonder what went wrong and where

he never got up
never flinched
moved a muscle
or even blinked
just sat there staring straight at me
oh my love
my prince
what went wrong and where

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sandycashmere said...
Feb. 7, 2011 at 6:33 pm
this really touched my heart  awesome work :)
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