June 11, 2010
By Izaac96 GOLD, Jersey City, New Jersey
Izaac96 GOLD, Jersey City, New Jersey
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"Both Poverty and riches are offspring of thought" -Napoleon Hill

Everyday is Valentine's day with you

Everyday Cupid sends me to the

Everyday i buy myself a new heart to love you

Everyday i send flowers and candy

Everyday roses are red and violets are blue

Even if sometimes you can't see it

A true lover does not need a map
to find home

Even if now you don't know it

Hearts destined will meet

Even if our future together looks blurry

Star crossed destinies keep the world spinning

Even if your heart does not skip a beat when you see me like mine does when is see you

But the sun and moon will eventually kiss

Even if i am not your valentine

Till we kiss,
My Love

The author's comments:
Its a poem about a lover that is rejected by another lover.

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on Jul. 30 2011 at 12:41 pm
ErisRose DIAMOND, Ashburn, Virginia
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Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori- Love conquers all let us yield to love
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I love this, those lines "everyday Cupid sends me to the hospital, everyday I buy myself a new heart to love you" oh my gosh amazing!

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