June 11, 2010
By Anonymous

For the rest of my life i will have to through for what i did to you. my love is so strong that I had to doit. but I wish you could see that it was out of love I wish I could take it all back but I cant For my love is so stonrg that at frist I did not have any but when u came in my life then i had found love. but then I let you go because your love was so strong and i have never had that before so I colud not hadle it then you went off with some one eles it broke my hreat in peices so thats why i had to do what i had to do i had to get back ur love that you have once gave to me I miss being with but i was so dum that i let u go I know your saying that your lieng but you have changed my life in so many ways that i have never been changed before I know I broke your heart but can u FORGIVE ME??

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