A person like no other

June 11, 2010
By juliat. BRONZE, COMMACK, New York
juliat. BRONZE, COMMACK, New York
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You cook and clean every single day,

While I just watch you slaving away.

I try to help out, but nothing can compare,

To how much you do everywhere.

Without you, my world would fall apart,

Because you hold a huge piece of my heart.

I know it sounds cliché, but you truly are the best,

And to have you as my mom makes me very blessed.

It is impossible for someone to match how amazing you are,

And I know that Jessica and I are lucky that you are ours.

When I need a shoulder to cry on, or to just let my feelings out,

You are the first person I want to talk to, without a doubt.

You really are my best friend, and we have an inseparable bond,

And no one can change that because it is so strong.

Please forgive me when I don’t treat you like I should,

Because I still care more than anyone ever could.

Mom, I’m extremely thankful for everything you do,

And I just wanted to let you know that I love you.

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