June 11, 2010
By cjhendo SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
cjhendo SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
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We throw that word around a lot.
In my mind I see the little green creatures, with three eyes,
Flying through the abyss of the outer limits.
Speaking a different language far from any other I have heard.
Nothing like the X-Files or Close Encounters of the Third kind with their green screens and their Creepy music.
I see spaceships with massive control boards and huge star ships the size of earth.
Like Star Wars my aliens would have massive battles through the galaxies and to the outer realm of the Universe.
Saturn would be their place of solace,
Where they can live free and run on its rings to their hearts content.
No fictitious creatures from movies or books have anything on my little green creatures.
With a waddle to their step these men will dominate,
Sorry Luke Skywalker, they will beat you.

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