My dog Maddy

June 11, 2010
By cjhendo SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
cjhendo SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
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A bouncy ball,
The energizer bunny on steroids.
The sounds of bouncing paws fill The rooms of my house as she chases the bright green sacred ball of Hers,
A tennis ball,
The most amazing thing to a dog, other than food.
She is a good dog.
With a hint of a smile on her face every time she is around us.
She jumps up and down...
Creating a new dance form.
Her chocolate fur sways in the breeze as she runs to whatever toy is on the ground,
From a rawhide bone to my sisters brand new pair of shoes my dog is delighted in every way.
Her ears flapping in the wind makes her look like an airplane trying to take off with out any fuel.
My dogs tail is a fan that never stop,
Creating a breeze behind her every time it sway from left to right.
I have an interesting dog,
From her love of my sisters brand new shoes to the hint of a smile on her face,
She is my dog,

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