That Lump

June 11, 2010
By Anonymous

With your booted, laced-up foot
Scuttling that lump of lust and rage down a dusty road of unpaved dilemmas
Will get you nowhere fast
Have you forgotten the cadence of it all? The beat, the thrum, the carnal drum?
Have you muted the rhythm of that fallen red rock?
You've messed with the system
So long as you kick
And gnaw at it
With that toe pick of yours
So long as you scald it particle by particle with the debris of your cigarette butt
So long as you with a pocket knife gash it open to one man and stitch it closed against another
The pain you so dread will never subside
Stop hurting yourself

Take the disintegrating remains of that heart
Right now
As it is, in all its filth and bruises and forgotten loves
And give it to the Father
Only there, only with Him, can you ever be redeemed
Only there, only with Him, can you ever feel love again
Can you ever feel love again

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