It Happened One Stormy Night

June 10, 2010
By PalinAdvocate1993 BRONZE, Monette, Arkansas
PalinAdvocate1993 BRONZE, Monette, Arkansas
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It happened on a stormy night, the night he came upon the scene. His timing was impeccable, and his manner was serene. The boding sky spelt trouble for the many men in suits. They ran for shelter with pockets full of the communal loot. Precariously, the scales did hang with the balance of power. Our future at best seemed now a trifle sour. This is why the swarthy man waited for this moment. Impregnable was his façade that he virtually had no opponent. His pearly, white smile shined from ear to ear. His weapon he used was to manipulate our fear. Full of vitality and quick wit, this man seemed to be a perfect fit. Even though his actual experience was small, it was certain from the beginning that the mighty elephant would fall.
People looked askance at the celebrity from the “Windy City.” Could he do the job when it got down to the nitty-gritty? This man clad in blue rallied for reform. The color red and the hammer and sickle was his real platform. In theory his suggestions were noble at times. If they were passed, they would be high crimes. For it seems this man held the high law of the land as something to be obliterated. His very position was propitiated. Pandering to the left and possibly the Middle East, this one man had his sights set to become the commander-in-chief.
His past was a morass of radical groups. He made promises to bring home our troops. Yet we weren’t even sure he was one of us. That is why many gave Hawaii such a fuss. If that wasn’t enough, his patriotism was up for debate. Could the feeling this man have for our symbol of freedom be hate? While others were seen saluting the flag with zeal, this candidate stood with his arms to his side as straight as steel.
The left was cloven by two, articulate figures. The other candidate was faced with an impossible rigor. Even though she had once resided in that house of white, there was no way she could win this fight. Prevalent was the loyal support from the younger generation. His propitiatory attitude earned their veneration. Mighty were their numbers, and loud were their cries. These tactless voters were half of his size.
His prowess lies in his charismatic ability. The stance of his support could be described as infidelity. A surly preacher was once his biggest idol. He dropped that relationship as soon as a commentator described their attachment in his campaign as suicidal. Resolute was he to finally reside in that oval office. Something in his campaign though seemed amiss. His superfluous qualities made people uneasy. His ostentatious remarks were seen as cheesy. This vainglory man was relatively unknown. His effect on American politics could be similar to a cyclone.
It all happened one stormy night. The night Uncle Sam awoke with a fright. He awoke to find his capitalist paradise dead. Socialism reigned supreme in its stead. For an obstinate people were deceived through lies. They refused to use their God-given eyes. As it has been proven, flash is better than substance. Soon enough, our nation will receive its sufferance. Forlorn banks are our only future. Our foolish voting habits are the true abuser. As this man conducts our nation’s affairs, our individual liberties are sooner becoming more and more rare.

The author's comments:
My English teacher told us to write a short piece that started with "It Happened One Stormy Night." As soon as I heard it, I thought immediately of the ascension of Barack Obama. I don't necessarily agree with all viewpoints expressed in my article, but they were all part of my brainstorm.

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