I am not a barbie

June 10, 2010
I am not a Barbie
I am not made from cold, hard, plastic,
I am warm.
Blood runs through my veins, I have skin, I have a heart beat.
I am woman, I have a body, I have curves,
but I do not have disproportionately large breasts, that men drool over.
I do not allow men to drool over me, I have dignity.
I am not an object.
I have a mind, I am intelligent.
I will not be played with, like a doll.
I respect myself,
I do not flaunt my body.
I do not wear skimpy clothing, and I do not take revealing photos of myself.
I am modest, because my body is temple.
My stomach is not flat, but I love it, I can create a human being inside of it.
My legs are not long and lean, but they support my body, and take me on journeys.
They are incredible.
I do not wear heals on a daily basis.
I hardly ever wear heels.
My feet are flat, like the ground the walk on.
I have flaws, but they are what make me beautiful.
I can speak
I have a voice, I can raise it
my opinion is valuable, it could be the answer to all your questions.
I am not a Barbie, I may not be a stereotypical beauty, but I am beautiful.

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