June 10, 2010
By Audrey95 BRONZE, Smyrna, Georgia
Audrey95 BRONZE, Smyrna, Georgia
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If you can't have your cake and eat it, eat someone elses.

When he moves, my hearts skips a beat. I wish i had glue, so he couldn't move his feet. My chest hurts when I watch him leave. I become short of breath; I can hardly breathe. My sun has gone and dark clouds rush in. The darkness wants to take over but I won't it win. My palms become sweaty and I start to dry heave. The oxygen is thinning; I can hardly breathe. I crawl to my sanctuary as the pressure falls. I make it in time to be surrounded by bedroom walls. The silence is torture; in and out of my ear it weaves. I cough and it echoes; I can hardly breathe. I press play on the radio just to hear a voice. I don't care man or woman. I don't have a choice. If i were stronger, my love, i would go and retrieve. Instead I close my eyes; I can hardly breathe. The loneliness taunts me as it surrounds me in its embrace. The darkness is moving in, but i shall win this race. I try to get up and continue to grieve. Where has he gone? I can hardly breathe. I hear angels sing as the front door opens wide. The sun comes out while the dark clouds hide. Yes! He returns from the grocery store. I think I would've died if I waited a minute more.

The author's comments:
I was on the internet and saw the word autophobia and was interested in the meaning. Its a fearphobia of being alone. Once i found this out I played with a view scenarios and chose this one cause it gives u a little laugh instead of a feeling sadness.

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