Ballroom Dance

June 10, 2010
By kookoobeans BRONZE, Rohnert Park, California
kookoobeans BRONZE, Rohnert Park, California
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Pink and powdery
everywhere. The soft
pastel dresses and ornate curls
and fluffy caked cheeks.
I am drowning

The stink
of floral perfume. And
I am dizzy, lost in the pretty little maze
of seventy dollar hair.
The innocent yellow mane strangles me.
I feel hot and clammy.
I might faint. Would they notice?

I gasp for breath, eyes bulging.
Can’t breathe. Turning blue, blue
Disappearing in all the pink
Rose petals
thrown over my face as I fall
down down to the ballroom floor.
The twirling cherry wool spins
About my head.

My eyes tremble to a close.
The stifling heat sucks my last breath
from my lips. I mouth No,
but it hurts. So chapped. They’ve
stolen me, hidden me.

And they dance and dance
across the floor. Smiling soft smiles
fluttering in satin shoes
Shrouding the world with pastel pink
and happy giggles.

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