Thief of a Stolen Breath

June 10, 2010
Choking and coughing, unable to breathe.
My breath has been stolen.
The thief is a girl I never thought would be mine.
Yet just when I begin to fade,
she returns the air to my exhausted lungs.
Able to breathe and see clearly once again,
no longer spinning with blurred vision,
I rise and turn to see the thief’s masked face.
Stunned at her enigmatic appearance
I venture deeper inside her to see if the enigma continues within.
Her heart glows and swells with joy once it tastes the sweet flavor of love.
As I carry on farther into her mind I must dodge the rushing and flying thoughts.
My existence has caused them to grow restless.
So with soothing kiss I calm her quickly-beating heart and disorganized thoughts.
Looking into her green eyes that sparkle like intricately cut emeralds,
I see peace ensued upon her heart once I kiss her gentle lips.
Feeling their press, my heart and mind begin to stir just as hers had.
So she ventures into them as I had done for her.
Soon she calms my busy heart and crazed mind with nothing more than a warming embrace.
Speak softly my love.
Remove your black mask.
You are a cloaked thief no more.
Though you have stolen my heart, I resent your attempts to keep it no more.
It is yours to keep forever.
No more do you have to hide your love from me.
For it is now the only thing that keeps my crazed mind sane.
Expose it to me and in return I shall reveal mine.
Care for it.
Cradle it and love it.
Take it not for granted,
because its lonely habits have disappeared thanks to your beauty-driven eyes that have soothed my heart.

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