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June 14, 2010
By didonrooney SILVER, Le Bardo, New York
didonrooney SILVER, Le Bardo, New York
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I have a question and I wanna know the truth
Love between teenagers is it real, or just needs of youth
Well some of you don’t need an answer..Cause they have something going on
And for the rest they are wondering if they could try it on
So I’m guessing my question isn’t taking anybody’s attention
Well at least you should learn to get prevention
Because you know some of you might suffer
If they get dumped by some kind of sucker
And for those who don’t bother to follow
You should stick to your beloved shadow
But all I’m asking does your story have somewhere to lead?
Or is it just satisfying both of your needs?
Is he gonna dump you and make your heart bleed?
Or you’re gonna lie to him and make him greed?
Are you happy with the way things are going?
Or are you just suffering inside but not showing
I know you can answer
All you need is some sort of sponsor
To lead you and show you what is dark
Cause love between teenagers could turn into a dangerous shark
Don’t forget you’re still young
So just relax take it easy and try to sing a song

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