The way we learn is a choice

June 14, 2010
By Katresa GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
Katresa GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
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we have been called humans but that is no excuse for the things that we and the actions we make. We are our own minds and souls and what you do makes up you. The choices you make give you a title not the excuses you take.

The way we learn is a choice
The way we live is a choice
The way we give up our time is a choice
What you do is your choice

Us as humans have many choices
We are free to live by the way we want to live
We can do anything
But listen to this

Just because you are human
And just because you can do anything
Does not mean there are not consequences
You have free choice but your choice always has a consequence

You are sworn into a life where there are rules
You are sworn into a life of commitment
But let me tell you this
You have a choice to live the way that you intend to do

“Where there is a will there is a way”
Yesterday or today
Both of those comments mean
That any time you have a choice and if it is possible it is capable

We all live by our own standards
Us as humans tend to make up our own rules
But again that is your choice
And again your choice and every choice has a consequence

These consequences may be good or bad
They may hurt you or benefit you
But remember what was once said
“With every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Now I know that’s physics but it implies to your choices
With everything you do there is a reaction
And it can be as good as you started out or it can get worse
So when you make your choices think about your reaction and whether it will be equal or opposite.

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