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June 14, 2010
By Katresa GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
Katresa GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
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we have been called humans but that is no excuse for the things that we and the actions we make. We are our own minds and souls and what you do makes up you. The choices you make give you a title not the excuses you take.

He walks by
My legs weak
My mouths numb
When I try to speak

He so fine beautiful
Like the risen sun
I beg my heart
To let me go near him

I don’t though
My fear to strong
I’ve never felt this way
Or at least this strong about someone before

He drives my nerves
On a chase for speed
My heart pumps with every breath
That he breathes
I fancy into thinking that he could with me
I dream about the nights we would spend walking together
And hand in hand
Walking in the sand

One day he will know how strong I feel about him
How each day I plead to my god to let me talk to him
When will I be with him
And him with me

And then with each step that I take the roses will bloom
As beautiful as him and each one will complement him

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