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June 14, 2010
By Katresa GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
Katresa GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
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we have been called humans but that is no excuse for the things that we and the actions we make. We are our own minds and souls and what you do makes up you. The choices you make give you a title not the excuses you take.

A girl
A boy
A mother
And father

Share their pain
In a way
That we don’t understand
In a way that seems absurd

The girl sheds a tear on a lost soul
The boy carves a spear and buries it in a hole
The mother burns her clothes in a matter of despair
And the father hides himself in the dark lair

We don’t know why they do these things
Why they endure so much misery
We don’t want to even look on the choices
For so much pain should not be made

We all are the mother and the father
The girl and boy
We all have our pain
We endure the same misery

But listen close and hear my words
There is a savior who takes your tears
And washes your face in the river of yesteryear
Give him your problems make it better

This I tell you
And this you should do

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