sister in green

June 14, 2010
By Katresa GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
Katresa GOLD, Highland Village, Texas
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I didn’t know much about her
The day she was born
All I knew is that my mom was to blame
For this sister where love was sworn

Sure she was my sister but I didn’t like her
I wanted mommy to myself and daddy
Why was she born
Why did they have to have her

She grew up she’s gotten big
And now that I’m 5 she’s 4
Ha ha now look at the score
I will always win

Ha ha look at you now
You’re locked in the back yard and no one can save you
I think I’ll make a pretty picture on your face with blue magic marker
You think it’s funny but you look like a disaster

I got in trouble mommy found out that I pushed her down the stairs
But it’s only because
She flushed my Barbie dolls head down the toilet
I’m locked in my room and nobody cares

Now that I’m six and she is seven
I am starting to like her
She is not so big
But she can fight like she is eleven

I’m skipping to age 12
Nobody will notice
It’s just a poem about my sis
By the way she’s eleven

So she thinks it will be fun if she rides her bike with her eyes closed
So I say go ahead and she says tell me if I hit something
I didn’t hear her
So she runs into the mail box

Today she got a motor scooter
And I got a bike
She rides up the drive and I didn’t see her
So I fell

I got water all over me and it was time to go to lunch
I told my dad but he said we had to go
My mom turned around
And said to my dad that I need to go home and change

I love my sister now
I’m glad I gave her a chance
But I can’t stand anymore
So please hear me out and don’t give me anymore

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