Made from heaven

June 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Made from heaven
It took me 7 days to love you.

Day 1.
As the sun shine upon you ,
gave a sparker to your eyes
I glance at once . At that once
You came up to me.
You said “You look like an angel, Welcome to earth”
I just lefts him with a smile and footprint behind.

Day 2.
In the night It was pitch black.
Only thing I saw was my scared foot going one by one.
Until I saw light and my friends again.
You came closer to me every time you step
“You said Are you lost ma’am ?
Because heaven is a long way from here “
I just left him with a smile and footprint behind.

Day 3.
I was sitting next you and I slowly closed my eyes.
My head lead to your arm. I said you what time is it ?
You said “ when time do you have to go back to heaven ? “
I fell asleep with me and talking behind me. you said
“ Am I dead ? Cause this is heaven. “
We smile with each foot was press each one.

Day 4.
In the afternoon , we were ready to go to home : home sweet home
I saw you and the guys skipping toward home
as I met you up at your house because my stupid door wouldn’t open .
You told me Would you hold my hand so I can tell my friend I’ve been touch by angel .”
I left his house and fell with a footprint .

Day 5
You called me at night I missed it
I called you again with my cells phone was one hand.
My hand started to bleeding “ paper cut
You said “Did it hurt ?
I said Yeah . He over lapped and said
“When you fell from heaven “
I hang up but I started to smile and shake my feet.

Day 6
The phone ring twice I picked.
My friends called me but I didn’t picked up .
So he said “ Is that god?
I think he is missing an angel”
I fell asleep and texted him it was a footprint on guys face when suppose to be a smile.

Day 7
I came over to your house and
played games like cards and what not. I guess.
When he hand reach out to my my back of my shirt.
I said him what is he doing he told me “ Yep, Made form heaven.
I went home with a smile and footprint behind.

Day 8
I left him. Before I did he told me “People in my life come and go .
Some leave theirs footprint behinds my heart”:
So I ran home with frown faces looking at my toes.

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