With Your Mom, You Can But With Your Dad, You Can't

June 14, 2010
By Stehanie10192 BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Stehanie10192 BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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We girls have our moments
With our moms
And we should all agree that
They're not the same ones
We have with our fathers

You see,
With your mom, you could
Go bra shopping
With your mom, you could
Go panty shopping
With your mom, you could
Talk about a cute boy you saw at the mall (Like OMG)

You see,
With your dad, you can't
go bra shopping
once enter Victoria Secret with you dad,
you'd say
"Da-da-da-dad here's some moeny, go get yourself a jelly filled donut from Dunkin Donuts"

With your dad, you can't
go panty shopping
Once you hit the panty section at Macy's with your dad,
You's say,
"Dad what do you think about this red dotted panty, with cats on it?"
Responce from your father.. i think NOT!!

With your dad, you CAN'T
Talk about a cute boy you saw at the mall
You'd Say,
"OMG, dad, did you see the perfect shaped butt and the perfect bone structure on that guy?"
Responce from the father... "WHAT THE HELL! since when do you speak that foul language missy?!"

The only time you have moments with your dad, like the ones you have with your mom,
Is when you use that face that turns into a baby face, with the chubby cheeks and everything
And the voice that turns into a voice you normally hear with a 5 year old girl
It just hits him, automatically so they can give you money
Then he hears a car zoom out of the garage,
And it's you and your mom on your way to the mall
Good times, good times

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