Ode to fork

June 14, 2010
By elburritofrito13 BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
elburritofrito13 BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Hello fork,
how have you been
what’s wrong darling
you don’t seem your usual shiny self
did I do something
Do you not like the way
I hold you?
is that is?
I hurt you?!
How so?
I almost eat you whole?
Bu-but that’s just a matter of
Because you see
You’re just so...
But please forgive me
I will promise to be more
Today I will caress you
with my lips
for you are my all
I am nothing without you
me without you is like a
jacket with no zipper
or a
bowl of punch with no dipper
or a
nightclub with no stripper
you are simply my all
you fill my existence
quite literally
look at me darling
I said look at me!
don’t think I haven’t noticed that
you cringe at my touch
don’t think I haven’t noticed
that you don’t smile at me
the way you smile at that god-damn spoon
is your passion for me gone
is it because I don’t shave my head the way he does?
is it?!
fine go
I won’t keep you with me if you
don’t want to stay
oh! hello there

The author's comments:
This piece is to a utensil that many don't pay to much attention to and that isn't recognized. The fork

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