now what?

June 14, 2010
By nau-ella BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
nau-ella BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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So I am sitting here, thinking of everything I have to do.
I plan it all out in my head, hoping it works out as I plan.
Then again, if it doesn’t, who cares? Nothing works out as you want it to.
So we say, now what? We have spent our whole lives relying on this one thing that backfired. Now what? What do we do?
Out lives have been wasted. If only we didn’t spend every damn second so obsessed, we would have looked at reality. But reality is like the sky, we know it’s there,
But we never really look at it unless we are bored, unless our ideas fail.
Just as we look at the sky, we look at reality. We need reality to tell us if tomorrow will be nice or not. Yet reality does not speak like the sky, it is undecided.
Reality cannot tell you what to expect. Reality cannot tell you to bundle up or prepare for a storm. Storms may scare us, but at least they are predictable, the world is not.

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