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June 14, 2010
so, i don't know what I'm supposed to do. I love him, and sometimes he loves me too. my phone rings. my heart jumps, i hope that its you. 1 NEW MESSAGE "Hey baby. How are you." my heart would fly, sometimes I'd sigh. I know they see, you don't love me. i click REPLY say "baby, hi. we need to talk, so can you call?" click SEND. you write me back, "whats going on? are you okay? I'm almost there, it wont be long."
I type "no. its just, we need to talk. but please, just try to stay calm." click SEND. you write back, "wait, what is this? are you tryna say what i think?" i open the message, select REPLY "are you kidding me? all i said was i wanted to talk, is that a federal crime?" hit SEND. you don't reply. i open up a new message. type in your number. "this is the end." click SEND.

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