all for you

June 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Black and blue you think it's all unintentional when it's really all for you.
I sit here in the dark and wonder how it all fell apart.
Sit here conjuring up old memories.
Oh how I hate to remember these.
Sometimes it burns ,sometimes it bleeds, all thses things you've done to me.
You pick me up just to once again push me on the ground.
So now I just sit right here on this mound.
Atop a mound of hate and sorrow.

Now it's all going to be the same old story tomorrow
And will, like always end with absolutely no glory.
So I hope then the end will hurry, as I always do.
The pain is just for you.
I want this all to be over to all be done
For it is not anymore fun.

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