June 14, 2010
By Edith_Velez01 BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Edith_Velez01 BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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I wake up every morning,
And everyday is the same exact routine.
I go with life like if I was a ghost. I walk through the school halls like if I was invisible to everyone. Well maybe that’s the way I see it through my eyes, even though it might not be like that. Maybe it’s just me.

I walk home like if I was part of the wind.
I hurry up without looking back. I don’t look at any of my surroundings. My head is down and the only thing that’s going on in my head is to get where I want to be which is home.
I try to avoid my friends if they come in contact with me after school. I say no to whatever they want me to be part of.
And maybe I shouldn’t have. Maybe I should have said yes.
Maybe they want me to be part of their lives, and I’m not letting them.

Everyday I go to sleep thinking, and daydreaming.
About a life I know would never come true.
But that’s how I keep living and fall asleep every night.
I imagine things. I imagine a life that I wish I could have.
A life I know that fits me as a person.
But maybe I shouldn’t daydream so much.

Just maybe I should live life a little bit more.
Maybe my walk should be more confident and have power in it to show that I’m a strong person.
Maybe I should say yes to my friends more often.
Maybe I should live life a little bit more and not focus on my fairytale land too much. Just for one minute see what’s really in front of me, because just maybe it’s not all that bad.

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