Get Through It

June 13, 2010
By Élie Lubendo BRONZE, Burnaby, Other
Élie Lubendo BRONZE, Burnaby, Other
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Confusions and misinterpretations,
Have us pointing fingers in the dark.
Gaining heat from our enraged emotions,
My friend, where's the spark?

It's inside of us, inside a box they call the heart.
And its our own willingness to save this box,
That has made us tear ourselves apart.

You're confused, I'm confused, we're all confused,
That's because we're fine, but still we feel abused.
We feel neglected, left out but yet still mellow.
But a rainbow isn't itself without a bit of yellow.

The world is upside down, but your smile doesn't have to be,
They can decide to be blind, but you have the choice to see,
Don't turn off the lights, especially when you need it most.
It's much harder to enter a door, when that door is closed.

So when you find the key, and decide to open the door,
Remember that paupers and kings alike, don't like the floor,
After all, who would decide the cold, when there's an open door?

We'll get past this wall, perhaps we'll tear it down.
We'll take the bricks, and maybe we'll make a town.
It will stand out like gold amongst their rueful rust
A grand city, built with bricks made out of joy and trust.

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