June 13, 2010
By Élie Lubendo BRONZE, Burnaby, Other
Élie Lubendo BRONZE, Burnaby, Other
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Nothing; almost nothing.
Dark room, dark place.
Nothing but a face.
But this face has a disguise.
The holes hang without eyes.
I take off the mask.
I see something; someone.
A girl named Demise.
Her face is covered with bruises.
Her mouth full of excuses.
My fear which amuses,
This girl who chooses,
To be alone.
She puts back the mask,
“Who are you” I ask?
“I am confusion” she replies.
“If hate hates love,
And love hates hate?
Then can love hate?
Is love fake?
Did God partake
In the mistake,
That makes you shake?”
She sings inside my brain.
She sings inside my pain.
As if she stopped the rain.
Stopped the raindrops of vain,
Inside my vein.
But I can still feel.
Feel the steel.
That she did not remove.
Lies create confusions,
Confusions create assumptions,
Which in due time creates hate.
Then hate leads on to more hate,
Which shapes our fate,
Into a gate,
That leads straight.
Straight, straight, straight.

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