My Dream

June 13, 2010
By iiMuRkZz- BRONZE, Mantua, New Jersey
iiMuRkZz- BRONZE, Mantua, New Jersey
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Intense game
No outs
Sweat pounding from faces
Spitting seeds
Like a torpedo.
Waiting for balls
To be hit to me
As I gaze upon the fresh grass
Eager to dash
In a pile of sweaty bodies
Pitch after pitch
My heart beats faster
Sometimes skipping beats.
3 outs away
2 outs away
1 out away
I gawked around
To only see cheering fans
I then grasp my leather glove
Waiting to rejoice with my teammates
We all hasten to the mound.
Body after body
My ears ringing with cries
My dream has come true.

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