June 13, 2010
By KashAhmed BRONZE, Cheshire, Connecticut
KashAhmed BRONZE, Cheshire, Connecticut
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Dreams and desires flashing through the mind
Memories that we still need to find
Success so we can achieve our goals
Enough so we can satisfy our souls

Wanting, needing, something
To wish for, to desire
To make life’s inner fire
The sense of accomplishment people want
Something to show, something to flaunt

Like a solo for the soul
One takes it all
A chance to be recognized
Different from the rest
The best of the best

The masterpiece
Excellence at its climax
Nothing does it lack
Admiration from everyone
Something significant done

The invention of new technology
It changes life
So there’s no more strife
New advances so that everyone dances

Skills that kill
Provides shock and awe
For people to see one who’s unflawed
Endless respect
What did you expect?

We all want to achieve our goals
To satisfy our souls
Dreams and desires from our inner fire
To rise above the ranks, to have treasure in the banks
And Ambition will lead to this
Achievement and Success

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