Picture Perfect

June 13, 2010
By Rhonnie BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
Rhonnie BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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Straightened hair.
Tidy clothes.
White teeth.
Spotless face.
Picture perfect.

Why must we be Picture Perfect? What is picture perfect? Pictures merely record our outward appearance. They don’t show what’s on the inside.
They can’t show our feelings,
Nor our morals,
Our opinions,
Our beliefs.
Picture Perfect is only skin deep.

Why be Picture Perfect? What’s the point? In the end, when we’re gone, and the pictures have all turned to dust, what will Picture Perfect be?

It wont be. All that’s left will be memories of you.

Do you want to be Picture Perfect?

Picture Perfect is a trap. Everyone falls into it from time to time. It becomes your passion, your meaning towards life. All you ever do is try to build up that façade of Picture Perfect. You work on nothing other than fixing your exterior, tweaking every single part of you, throwing out everything that makes you yourself…

Perfection doesn’t last forever. Eventually, you will fail.
You’ll find a blemish.
Your hair will frizz.
Your voice will crack.
Something will happen to make you imperfect. And when it does, you have nothing going for you.

So, now I ask you…

Do you want to be Picture Perfect?

The author's comments:
I dont really know what to say about this piece. It's pretty self explanitory, I suppose.

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