What I hate

June 13, 2010
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I let you in, I let you through,

We connected then, you felt it too.

It wasn’t long but it was there,

Now it’s just a memory I can hardly bare.

I trusted you inside and out,

I never felt a single doubt.

You let me down, you didn’t care,

You never even cleared the air.

You loved me one day and hated the next.

Why was I always second best?

You hid me from friends, and to really sting,

You pretended that I didn’t mean something.

I hate the way you acted, the way you treated me,

I hate that I let this happen, I hate that you still don’t see.

I hate that I let this hurt; but most of all,

I hate the way I don't hate you at all.

I hate that I still smile when I think of all we did and said,

I hate that I would cry and cry if you ever turned up dead.

I hate that deep down inside I know it might still be true,

That I hate the thought of being completely without you.

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