Stuck in a Box

June 7, 2010
By Adam_Shrugged SILVER, Branchburg, New Jersey
Adam_Shrugged SILVER, Branchburg, New Jersey
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Qué será, será.

I’m stuck in this box
Walls of people and places,
And all I can see are the same threadbare faces.
All we can do we’ve done ten thousand times,
All we can say has lost meaning or rhyme.
We make the same jokes and we laugh the same laughs,
And we pretend that we’re happy having it last.

But there are people out there
With the freedom to live,
Who explore and adventure and struggle and win!
There’s a world of perspectives and feelings and thoughts,
A whole world teeming, just waiting to be sought!
There are lovers who kiss under dark moonlit skies,
There are old men on benches who’ve seen much more than I.
There are impoverished children yearning to break free,
There are ancient sanctuaries of green grass and trees.
There are mountains and oceans and pulsing city blocks,
So why can’t I get out of this godforsaken box?

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