I thought I had an aural problem

June 7, 2010
I thought I had an aural problem,
Slightly deaf in the left ear,
And thus I blamed Divine conspiring
for my inability to hear.

Then I thought: ‘tis peoples’ fault!
Why are they so humdrum?
They blab ‘till God himself can’t bear it;
How can I NOT be numb?

Well, I looked to my obsessions,
All my games, cards, puzzles, thoughts;
And I knew that if only I weren’t distracted
I would hear all that I ought.

But finally I realized,
On one chilly Summer’s night,
As I gazed at Heaven’s dark firmament,
So glistening with light,

As I lay my back upon the grass,
So cool and tender too,
That if only I would listen,
I would hear all mankind true.

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