June 7, 2010
By BornPoet1996 GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
BornPoet1996 GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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My favorite quote I always say is:How does one find happiness in making another lose their own and Love comes and goes like a revolving door waiting to hit you dead in the head and knock you on your little feet...

Do you feel my pain, do you feel my hurt, do you see my tears, do you not see my smile, do you not feel my misery. You aren't living my life, you aren't in my shoes, you aren't in my body. You don't know what it's like to be me. So sit back and let me tell my story, not of fun and games but of pain and shame. I've let so many people put pain in my heart, shame to my name. Dreams to death, hope to nope, love to hate, kind to mean, joy to grief. So many times I've been told "you ain't nothin, you ain't worth nothin" or "girl please, the people that love you are ashamed of you". So I sit, miserable, bitter, mean, unhopeful,painful. It's like getting shot 20 times, not dying just crying, not suffering just suffering, not bleeding just breathing. So many words people have said to me make me shut down and totally feel like I'm just one dead, useless, priceless, loveless, rock sitting in the dirt crying all my life. Pain in my heart, Shame in my name. Nobody knows the real me, how much pride I would've had in myself if I wasn't shut down so much. No pain in my heart, No shame to my name. Just...Me... See the real me behind the tears, pain, shame,grief,hurt,suffering, crying, dying inside. Nobody knows me but me...
Pain in my heart,
Shame to my name.

The author's comments:
The way people make me feel is my inspiration. I shouldn't have to feel this way at such a young age. I should be a free soul that loves everything instead of hating everything and always walking with my head held down to the ground instead of up high looking at the beautiful sky!

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