June 7, 2010
By RainyRighter BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
RainyRighter BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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I wish you were here,
only so I could whisper "good morning"
To see your sleepy drooping eyes narrow even further, as you stretch a sarcastic smile across your face like a rubber band.
"Sammy, you know I hate that." You would groan,

I wish you were here,
only so I could ask you "What's the plan? What's for dinner? Where's that from?"
To hear your breathing become harsher and heavier as you sigh a breath of annoyance like a balloon being pricked by a pin.
"Sammy stop asking questions and wait," You'd quietly grumble,

I wish you were here,
I suppose not only to say "good morning" and ask you annoying questions,
but to be able to see that rubber band smile stretch and hear the deflating balloon's breath right next to me.

I wish you were here,
not only to pester you
but because I miss you.

The author's comments:
This article is about my sister. She lives in New York, and when she's gone I miss her a lot so i wrote her this poem. My main point was to say that even though we don't always get along and I know I can annoy her, I love and miss her a lot.

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