Time Waits For Nobody

June 7, 2010
By Jamiece BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
Jamiece BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
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Time Waits For Nobody

I am not the easiest to figure out
And I am glad you’re taking your time with me
I have been broken from the past and nobody takes
Their time to put me back to together because
The pieces are too broken down or scattered all over

But with you, I have a different feeling
I feel you will take my broken heart
With your broken heart and use your
Damaged pieces to fix mine

When it comes to your kind, I am not the nicest
I have borders and boundaries that you cannot cross
It’s like the Mexico border, except there’s no easy
Way to get across

But with you, you are patience as its self
You say you will give me time. You tell me
You will not cross my border, knowing it
Will lead you to jail, but I know you wont
Wait forever because when it comes to time
The pause button doesn’t exist

You are EVERYTHING I want
I’ve been at the bottom and I know
You are the one to dig me out, mend my heart,
And cross my border. I want you to be the one
But my mind tells me to “Let me hang out in my own self”
I don’t wanna rush, but I struggle because I know you wont
Be here forever, cause’ time waits for nobody.

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