A Beautiful Blossom It Once Was

June 7, 2010
By Claire Teri BRONZE, Guelph, Other
Claire Teri BRONZE, Guelph, Other
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You've carved your name into my solid stone heart

Deeper and deeper are your letters engraved.

Are they holes or are they openings?

The depth continues

Beneath the cold stone and into the soft soil where the soul plants its seeds.

You leave the seed of a rose.

And it flourishes--The product of a love undefined.

But with roses come thorns,

And thorns bring pain.

All the while the letters to your name turn to cracks,

And a once safely secured soul is set free,

Broken and vulnerable.

Soil and stone scrambled together.

A perfect picture of pain.

A beautful blossom it once was,

Now sprouts the scent of sorrow.

And through it all,

In the depths of the destroyed...

A crippled rose lay,

Sheltered in sadness


For the chance to grow

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