I'm going to

June 7, 2010
By Anonymous

I am going to documents, to computer and envolpe.
I am going to a apartment by the beach.
(Small, open view, sounds of waves.)
I am going to an exciting relationship, trustful, freedom, and breathless in every glance.

I am gong to make a shelter for homeless people and make wrong decision, from Mom Neela, and Sister Tisha.
I am going to the clever and argument.
To do you best! and Do it right!
I am going to pray and read Quran. Five times a day.

I’m going to the beach and California, Chicken Roast and Masala Curry Beef.
To trustworthy, strong, and fresh,
To the healthy steps of my kid’s.

In my dreams, faces of those I love, care and respect are framed on walls, watching my steps and giving me hopes.
I am going to a hope for a successful life, and where pain and loves are always will even out.

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