June 7, 2010
Shimmering violet lilies dazzle,
on the surface of the azure pool.
I step into the water;
it swims around my toes,
so crisp, so cool.

Tasteless but refreshing,
I sip the clear water like wine.
Cup my hands and sip from my palms.
Nothing else could be so persistent
as the thought of diving in.

Take a step…and then another,
careful, cautious, but ever so anxious.
I stoop down and breathe in the fragrance
of clarity gushing forth.
I am losing my sanity, my patience.

No more wary steps.
I want to dive right in!
Take a deep breath,
and let the water sink into my skin.

Breathe in the water like oxygen.
I’ll be the mermaid in this silver pool,
Enchanting, tempting,
begging you to return again.

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