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June 7, 2010
By Gabby16 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
Gabby16 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Why is it that all I can see in my life is darkness.
How is it that I am visible to everybody around me
and nobody comes my way?

How is it that after all the hurt I’ve gone through,
I still have hope and energy for a better tomorrow?

Why is it that even though my emotional scars are present and well marked,
I still find compassion in myself to forgive those who have made them?

How is it that no matter how high I’m flying,
others still find a way to bring me down?

Why is it that once I find a will to come out of my hole and see the bright world, everything turns dark?

Why is it that now I have more in common with the rain,
than I do with the sun?

How is it that even though I’m surrounded by people,
I feel so alone?

Why is it that I have so much to talk about,
but I can’t even say a word?

How is it that when I thought my world was breaking apart,
I found a word for it, depression?

Why is it that when my body was about to collapse,
they just called it anxiety?

How is it that something so beautiful and full of life,
can just be destroyed,
colorless and lifeless in a matter of seconds?

How is it as simple as that?
Why must everything happen for a reason?

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