Clarifications of a God Figure

June 7, 2010
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One god (Yahweh)
Three gods (Trinity)
No god, what god?

Today I am a believer
In what, I cannot tell you
Clarity is in my road of promise

I know I’ll get to some
Promised land, someday,
But not the one that Moses
Never saw

I am me as thee are we
And we are all free
Masters of our words
Unspoken, tokens to be won
And lost depending on how
This game is played

Cheats and Gamblers to
The corner
Sadistic Mathematicians to
The floor

All I see of wealth and promise
Is to be checked before the door

The path of pleasure may fulfill
Your hedonistic whims, but what
I know of desire is forgotten,

For worldly treasures
Lose their luster
In the end evil sets in
Naming these triumphs void
Outspoken fallacies that have
Far exceed their welcomed stay

True desires deep within you
(Atman) do not reside in
The palace of pomp and circumstance

But are destined to preside over the self
Looking up at the moving picture
On the screen

Perfectly aware of your own Actions, owning the
Responsibility of your consequence
Of sounds and words, those Consonants and vowels seem to Always be on the prowl

Guilty words laced with temptation
Lead up to the unraveling of self
Deny what you want to gain what You need

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