He Loves Her

June 7, 2010
By littlecafu BRONZE, Sparks, Nevada
littlecafu BRONZE, Sparks, Nevada
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He Loves Her
December 8th, 1985-May 5th, 1989
October 9th, 1991-?
As I sit here writing
It takes everything
It takes everything I’ve got to stop from crying
Tell my mom I love her
Because a piece of me died at birth
I remember days when people thought I sat alone
Is it crazy that I played games with a ghost?
No, you needed some company
Laughing and talking for hours
When you should’ve been asleep
Did anyone hear that?
Why is he a ghost?
Why did he die?
Why was I born as a replacement son?
I wanted to see heaven, too
I don’t want to be the messenger for him
I want him to be able to tell mom how much he loves her
I’m tired of being the second son
The yin without a yang
I Love Her

The author's comments:
this is about my dead brother

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