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June 7, 2010
By briahna.michelle BRONZE, Sun Valley, Nevada
briahna.michelle BRONZE, Sun Valley, Nevada
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She’s white
two kids
a daughter with pigs tails in the front seat of the cart
a son who wears a collared shirt tucked into his perfectly ironed pants
her cart full
nothing generic
the best of the best
pays with a golden American express
She must have a working husband and a stay at home mom

He’s a tan man
hairy, hasn’t shaven in weeks
dirty overalls
boots with holes
doesn’t speak english
nothing but a 6 pack of beer
he will probably drink it all in an hour
he pays with single dollar bills and some pocket change
He must be an illegal immigrant

She’s a big woman
greasy nappy hair
her skin darker than night
has all generic foods
but not much of it
six kids, she probably doesn’t know who their FATHERS are
her kids run, knocking down displays
pays with food stamps
talks with an accent
She must be living in government homes and be unemployed

He’s a skinny man
well kept hair
tight sweater and slacks
he talks with a lisp
freshly shaven
waxed eyebrows
definitely just had a manicure
two items, cheese and milk
carries a small purse like bag
pays with crisp bills
He must not be close with his family

but me
I must be the person they all envy

The author's comments:
about assumptions

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